LPRW Launches Citizen Activist Training Series (CATS)

LPRW-CATSlogo-transparentAmong the objectives of LPRW is to “promote an informed electorate through political education”. We began doing that through our “Third Thursday Speaker Series”. We are expanding our offerings with our new “Citizen Activist Training Series (CATS)”.

Our first three course offerings cover a variety of topics: social media, campaigning, and the legislative process.

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Effective Messaging with Facebook Pages

Carol A. Spencer
Digital & Social Media Consultant, Stormzero LLC

Topics: pages versus groups; creating a page; page settings; content;
posts, pix, videos; sharing; advertising; FB Live; tips & techniques
Saturday, September 22 ~ 9:30AM to Noon
First National Bank, 312 Main St, Smithville

Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Techniques for Rural Counties

Janet Jackson
Immediate Past President, Texas Republican County Chairs Association

Topics: Successful suggestions for reaching voters in rural counties
Saturday, September 22 ~ 1PM to 2:30PM
First National Bank, 312 Main St, Smithville

Successfully Navigating the Legislative Process

Rachel Malone
Texas Director, Gun Owners of America

Topics: the legislative process; how to track bills and topics; how to read and understand bills; chokepoints and pressure points;  interacting with legislators; navigating committee hearings; preparing testimony; delivering testimony
Monday, October 15 ~ 6:00PM to 9:00PM
First National Bank, 489 Texas 71 West, Bastrop

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